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08 Март 2013 @ 09:29
Painbastard - Beyond All Borders  

Losing touch with reality
I am in anger of getting torn to pieces
By 1000 souls, living in my body
They're breaking out of me, crying for salvation
What is right and what is wrong
No cry for help can clear up my babel
I'm beyond all borders (Borderline)
I'm beyond control (Borderline)
And I'm living in my own world
Beyond all good and evil
Disappointments are casting shadows
Shadows are painting pictures on the wall
They get crueller, more and more
Cause the sun will never rise again
Eyes -- To face the truth
Mind -- To see through lies
Words -- To attack the cheaters
Prudence -- To defend myself
Morality -- A foundation for decency
Respect -- A basic manner
Honesty -- A basic of human relations
Love -- For a life without hate